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#BuildYourCore Program 


 Young Adults, Are You Ready?


1. Your Resume 

OPTIONAL- Submit your Mock Application for review  –   Please download, follow the instructions on the document.

We will have an established professional review your resume, connect back with you on feedback. This is strictly confidential, we want to help you!


2. Interview etiquette

Job Interviews (Part 1): Do’s and Don’ts of Mock Interviews

(Part 2): How to bounce back after not getting the job

(Part 3): 5 Nonverbal Interview Mistakes

(Part 5): How to answer situational job interview questions

INTERVIEW questions and answers (Part 1): Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  *please watch the entire series, find Snagajob on youtube.


3. Your Business Attire

LADIES Click Here   MEN Click Here

Educate yourself on shirt selection  –Click Here


4. Your Social Media Movement

Inventory / Audit your current Social Network Profile(s). DELETE Anything that portrays you in a negative light that  you’ve posted, or your tagged in.  Please watch this VIDEO (click here), ” The Pitfalls of Social Media “.| NBC 10 Philadelphia

Please read this short article –    7 negative effects of social media


5. Your Profile

Create a LinkedIn profile, this should be an ongoing update! Add jobs past and present, affiliations, etc.  It’s an opportunity for you to create a PROFESSIONAL public persona. if you don’t have much information, thats ok. Take a glance at your complete profile, identify the gaps, than work to fill them in.  Sign up for a non profit, work to enhance your profile. Here’s a good article that highlights examples of strong LinkedIn profiles, pay attention to the points CLICK HERE. More resources coming  soon related to fostering you through the process.


6. Mental Readiness

Prepare to WORK to Meet your goals. Eric Thomas on Grinding! Everybody wants to be a Beast till its time to do what Beasts do!


7. Your INTAKE

What you put in (your body), is what you PUT out. “Eat Bad, Feel Bad”. We all like to eat sweets, processed Fast Foods, etc.  I challenge you to try to eat healthy, for 1 week, You may see the world from a different lens. Click here to get Healthy Eating Tips. You’ll look better, feel better, and BE BETTER. YOUNG people, pay attention to this Video! Be smart. Your body is a temple.


8. Fit 2 be Fit!

Who’s your favorite personality on TV? eg, Carson Daly, or  Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)?  Dream Big, strive to look like a person whom has to prepare to be in the media. Stars have to be in shape, you should shoot for the Stars! it wont happen overnight, so WoRK, WoRK, WoRK, WoRK!  Build Your CORE with the Basics, Click Here. I suggest you give this young man a call, if your serious-> LEAKSFITNESS.COM.   More info coming.


9. Can you score With Your Score?  WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO!

Some employers check credit scores, be prepared. Check up on your credit profile daily. Credit is power, Credit gives you options.You are entitled to a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) once every 12 months. You can request all three reports at once, or space them out throughout the year Click Here.  This is important! FREE CREDIT COUNSELLING click here.   Check this out-.Financial Journalist Stacey Tisdale Discusses Smart Ways To Invest Your Money & More ->CLICK HERE


10. Mentor up!

Quick video on the benefits of having a mentor


11.  Make an impression

Don’t get caught out there. I recently heard a corporate recruiter mention that they went to lunch with a prospect, He mentioned that the prospect didn’t have basic table manors! It was frowned upon. Try to absorb, read and watch the videos below.

Dining Etiquette -must read
Salad Dining Etiquette (video) Click Here
Basic Dining Etiquette Main Course (video) Click Here

12. Presentation skills will HELP!

A great example of a good public speaker-> President Obama; great poise, uses the Pause element, Connects with the audience, etc.  Take a look at this video on preparation Click here.  Now check this do’s and do not’s quick video out –Click here.


13. What does your Elevator Speech sound like?

A good example     What not to say


14. How do you identify the opportunities to stand out? 

What can you do to separate yourself from the pack? Competing for a job, scholarship, etc. Don’t wait, Create your opportunities->in school? young adults read this.     read this, related to the workplace.


15. What does your network look like?


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