Super successful day for MTN as they partnered with Comcast for Comcast Cares Day.

Thank you to everyone who came out and spent the day with MTN. And a Special thank you to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears snd the restaurants who provided breakfast and lunch.


Comcast Cares Day is a day set aside to bring employees, family, friends and communities together to make change. MTN was able to accomplish that we the help of so many.

Woodmere and Meadowbrook Elementary are so grateful for all the hard work you all put in yesterday. MTN is so proud of what we came together to create. Team Leads did an excellent job leading their teams and we appreciate you all so much. Thank you Team Lead Trainer Bob Edmund wilson Robin Kimball Alfonso Kina Steele Isaac Stewart Selena Stewart Autumn Savage Jasmine Austin Peggy Austin Dorothy Debe Tricia Miller Lisa Savage Ta’Rae Mackey Reba Leaks David DebeSpecial thank you to Ray Ambrosini Rob McLean, Andrew Romeyer, and Nick Vitale for donating bags of mulch to Woodmere.
Gallery –  3 photographers: Camron Debe  (NYC), Tricia Miller (NJ), Roy Groething images inc. click here